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A phlebotomist is a medical professional who is trained to draw blood for laboratory testing, transfusion, or even for donation.

While blood collection can also be performed by doctors, nurses, medical assistants, EMTs, and paramedics, current medical practice has evolved such that the jobs of collecting, transporting and recording of blood samples, and other related functions are delegated to someone specially trained for the job.

There are several reasons why phlebotomy practitioners are now in demand. One of these reasons is the increase of the aging population resulting in overcrowding of hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

As a result, medical staffs such as nurses and medical assistants are having their hands full attending to duties they are mainly trained for so much so that other duties such as blood collection has to be delegated to a specialist.

Another reason why phlebotomists are in high demand is because blood analysis has become a very important diagnostic tool in medical science. A myriad of diseases are now being diagnosed using data collected from blood samples.

Most states in the US do not require certification but employers most often would prefer a certified phlebotomist so that standards competency is ensured.

The service of a phlebotomist is needed in almost all areas of medical facilities such as medium to large-sized hospitals, commercial laboratories, public health clinics, and blood banks.

The knowledge and skills required can be learned through formal training but it is essential that an individual who wishes to become a phlebotomist should have the talent to make patients feel at ease and relaxed before and during a (blood drawing) procedure.

Defining the duties of these emerging medical professionals, the U.S. Department of Labor describes them as one who "Verifies or records identity of patient or donor and converses with patient or donor to allay fear of procedure."

Phlebotomists have become an integral part of the medical organization and the demand for this job is expected to continue to rise.

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